'Desire is essential for successful act and loss of libido is one of the problems for both man and woman in older age group. Drugs used to lower B.P. may result in loss of libido, or it can be a symptom of depression. Boredom creeping in older age may reduce the frequency of love making.

How person reacts after the death of a partner?

Women respond with a grief reaction, depression and decreased interest in all activities. The sexual adjustment is liable to go in any direction based on attitudes, sexual drive and opportunity. For some women death of sexual partner is an escape or rescue from undesired sexual activity. Society censures sexual activity outside marriage and marriage between two old persons does not get sanction of society. They often turn to masturbation to relieve their tension.

Should we criticise youngsters?

Parents should not be in a hurry to criticise and point out errors in the young people's judgement. Youngster' will turn a deaf ear. You can only advise him to rethink the whole matter in relation to other interests and goals in life.

What is the role of clitoris?

Clitoris is the main external seat of woman's sensous feelings and is very responsive both to physical and psychic erotic stimuli. Because of its location in the vulva and nearness to the vagina, it is subject to contact and pressure during sex play and sex relations. In many women the sexual responses can only be evoked by direct stimulation of the clitoris. During sexual excitation the clitoris may become firm and erect.

Can a lady under go exercise during menstruation?

Moderate physical activity during menstrual period is not harmful. A girl may engage in any form of activity to which she is usually accustomed unless the flow happens to be profuse. Severe exertions like competitive sports are to be avoided in order not to cause bodily fatigue or any increased congestion of the pelvic organs.


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