If the doctor determines it is a mild or moderate case of BPH, it would be appropriate to give natural

options a trial before proceeding to pharmaceutical agents.

Under the guidance of a health care practitioner, start with saw palmetto extract at about 160 mg twice daily with meals. The bottle should say that the capsules contain 85 to 95% liposterolic extract

If insomnia, or shallow sleep are present, use melatonin 0.5 mg an hour or so before bed once, twice, or three times a week. Initially, melatonin can be taken nightly for two weeks before decreasing its frequency.

Some improvement in symptoms can be expected within 2 to 6 weeks.

If, after 6 weeks, the patient is not satisfied with the benefits, add extracts of Pygeum africanum to the regimen. The dose would be about 50 mg twice daily, with meals. Continue on this regimen for another month. Pygeum may work on the prostate in a different way, and the combination, therefore, could possible be cumulative.

If, after a month, there is still no improvement, add extracts of stinging nettles. If extracts of nettles isn't available, buy the bulk form and make a tea from it by adding a teaspoon or two to a cup of boiled water. This can be drunk once or twice daily.

If there is still no improvement, add beta-sitosterol at about 10 mg twice daily.

Please keep in mind that the dosages I'm recommending are rough guidelines. Individuals may respond to lower dosages, or perhaps need higher amounts.

Continue adding different herbs each month if the problems are not completely resolved. For instance, the next herb to add would be rye pollen extracts. With time, add other herbs and nutrients such as pumpkin seeds, zinc, Epilobrium, and so on.

By now there should be significant improvement. If there are still symptoms of BPH, it may be worthwhile to temporarily add a pharmaceutical agent, such as Hytrin, to the medical regimen. Of course, a doctor needs to be seen to get a prescription for this medicine. The usual starting dose is 1 mg in the evening.

If, after a month, more help is needed, a trial with Proscar may be justified at 5 mg a day.

If the symptoms have improved, gradually lower the dosage of the medicines and find the minimum dosage that provides benefits.

As a last resort, if all herbal and pharmaceutical medicines have failed to provide adequate relief, surgery may be necessary. Hopefully, very few patients would need to resort to this option. My hope is that the growing use of natural supplements will dramatically lower the number of patients requiring surgical intervention.


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